Monday, September 1, 2014

Laundry and Emergencies

We are still booked solid.  We have guests leaving after a leisurely breakfast and then we have to clean the whole apartment, two beds, two bathrooms a kitchen and 2500 square feet of tile and carpet.  The only saving grace is that our most recent guests have been so fabulous.

Of course, even though they leave the apartment spotless, we still have to clean between guests.  But it doesn't LOOK as though we have to clean.

We recently had some guests that stayed for the longest consecutive time.  They stayed four nights, so I had to think up four different breakfasts.  Then I had to make a grocery list and keep track of all those meals and the following meals, with just a quick trip to the market to get fresh fruit and juice.  And some more eggs, just in case.


Their last breakfast was a California omelette.  California because we added avocado.  Or that is what all the restaurants seem to do.  Yes, it needed sour cream and salsa, but we served that on the side.

These guests were clean, friendly and very thoughtful.  They even left us a gift!


You can't go wrong with wine and chocolate!

It's guests like these that make it fun to have a B&B.  Even with the shopping and cleaning.  And, if you are regular visitors, you know I like to cook.

Yesterday we had a minor emergency.  Lee was doing some work and stood up under a clamp.  The metal corner caught his forehead.  We were worried we would have to go get some stitches and we had guests arriving in an hour.  It looks horrible, but we decided, with the aid of our Physician Assistant-in-training daughter and a cell phone picture, that it wasn't deep enough to warrant stitches.


I made him come in and put ice on it, but an hour later he went out and finished the project.  What is with men?

Anyway, it made me realize I have to have contingency plans for if we DO have an emergency and have to dash out.  What do we do with our guests?  Our current plan is to leave the apartment unlocked with instructions for finding it sent via email or text.  I should probably look for a back-up innkeeper.  That will be my next executive decision.  As soon as the traffic dies down and I have time to think.


  1. David always has cuts and bruises from working on projects... sometimes I don't even know about them for a week because he is not vocal about them. Wasp stings, poison ivy.. it's always something with men who do physical labor instead of working from behind a desk full time. Is there an emergency center of some sort near to you? Isn't there one in Daleville?? Or over by Valley View Mall, although that is not really close for you. Glad your B&B business is so successful. Soon you will be wealthy!

  2. At the least you might want to invest some butterfly-type bandages. Yikes. Watch him for a concussion. And I'm glad your B&B is doing so well. That is excellent news.

    When we went to a B&B on our honeymoon, we were scheduled to arrive there after midnight. The hosts simply left a sign pointing toward the cottage we were to go to, and a note on the door saying "congratulations on your wedding" and inside we had a bottle of champaign. The key was somewhere, or maybe the room was simply unlocked, I don't remember, but certainly you could maybe put some kind of little box on the side of the house with a key in it for emergencies, I would think.

  3. Wonderful to hear that you are having such great business!