Saturday, September 6, 2014

Refreshing Drink

Lee and I made the huge jaunt into town.   Roanoke is about 30 minutes away and we tend to save up errands and do them in a big gulp.  If we do this around a meal time, we frequently stop in a restaurant and indulge ourselves.  I refuse to admit to PLANNING these trips around meal times.  It is coincidental when this happens.

We stopped in to Red Robin.  They had a new menu.  One of their new drinks is a Can-Crafted Cocktail.  I went to their menu to get a picture for you, but it is so new there is no picture on the online menu.  They sell the cans the drinks are served in and were sold out of them when we were there.  So I can't show you a picture that I took.

Suffice it to say, the drink was a combination of Coors Light beer and lemonade, that makes it a shandy, plus the delightful addition of ginger liqueur.  Red Robin just called it a Coors Light.


I recently made some candied ginger.  Sometimes it is called crystalized ginger.  When you make it you are left with some ginger syrup.  I saved it for an unspecified (ginger ale?) future use.  Now I have a use!

I placed a Tablespoon of the ginger syrup in a glass of ice. 


Then I filled it half way with some light beer and finished it off with Diet Sprite.  I have no idea how much sugar is in the syrup, but it IS called syrup.  Nonetheless, I will call this a light cocktail.  Perhaps a skinny girl ginger shandy.  Or Skinny Shenandoah Ginger Shandy (SSGS).  Yeah!  That's it.


Can you guess that I once wanted to write commercials and win a Clio?

My SSGS was refreshing and delightful.  And I left the rest for another time...or person. 


  1. I'm not a beer drinking kind of gal, but that sounds sorta yummy!

  2. I don't like beer so I don't think I'd like this.
    Sometimes we plan our shopping to include eating out and sometimes we eat at home first just to avoid the unpredictability of restaurants.

  3. I have only eaten at Red Robin once, and it was so loud I have never returned. Is it still very noisy in there?

  4. Seems like others are also not beer fans and while I am also in that category, this drink does sound like something I would try. Only been to a Red Robin once and it was OK. Doesn't everyone plan major trips around dinner time?