Monday, September 22, 2014

More Cornwall


During our stay in Cornwall, we spent several days travelling to local sites of interest. 


One day was spent driving to and exploring Tintagel, the legendary home of King Arthur. 


The hills were dotted with the remains of castles and other fortified ruins. 


You could see the erosion of the stones especially around this window, which I assume was meant to rain arrows or boiling oil on invaders.   I guess even castles aren't meant to stand forever.


The cliffs near the water had many large and small caves.  It was fun to think of how they were used back in the day.  Now they are used for tourists to explore.  An altogether fine use.


I climbed about


and explored


and then sat in the tea house and had a delightful scone with Cornish clotted cream and strawberry jam, while the others kept at it. 


That way everyone was happy.  I have had clotted cream in many a fine tea shop, but the Cornish variety is spectacular and worth the trip alone. 


It is creamy and as thick as a soft butter, but more gooey.  It is meant to be slathered on in a huge mountainous pile.  Or at least that is how much they serve you.  So you must use it up or offend the proprietors.  Don't want to perpetuate the ugly American tourist myth.  OK.  It's not ALWAYS a myth.  But not me!  So I ate it all.  All of it.  By myself.

Then we explored the town full of tourist shops selling things like plastic armor and swords for kids and the obligatory fudge shops for the adults.  No on the swords.  Yes on the fudge.

Here is where you need to notice that all the pictures show beautiful, sunny, but not hot, days.  In England!   This is not the norm for England, but if it is the norm for Cornwall, then I guess that partly explains the crowds of tourists midweek when there is no holiday.  Simply gorgeous.


  1. Enjoyed this post and the previous one, even though some of the images did not seem to come through, Rebecca. Still it was fun reading about your Cornwall adventures. i have never seen the Doc Martin show, but it's no surprise that it has become a tourist draw as with many things and being such a small area, I am sure any increased business is welcomed. Yes, I would have enjoyed that treat as well and all by myself too.

  2. That is the coolest post ever. King Arthur! Love it. I am enjoying reading about your adventures.