Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

It is still summer. 


And quite warm and humid.  Even at 11:00 in the morning.


So what's up with this tree?  It is losing its' leaves. 


A few of them are yellow, but most have just fallen off.


The trees in the woods behind our house agree with me.  It is still summer.


So what does this tree know that we don't.

Mind you, I wouldn't mind an early Autumn...as long as that doesn't mean an early...and very cold...Winter.

Are any of your trees prescient prognosticators?   


  1. I'm not sure what kind of tree that is, but we witnessed the same thing going on with a tree we saw in friends' yard last week-end. Some kinds of trees just do lose their leaves early and it has nothing to do with the weather. Watch your tree from year to year and you may notice that it's leaves fall much earlier than other trees every year. Did it do the same thing last year?

  2. I think it's the weather. We had an odd summer, a little cooler and damper than normal.

  3. The tree in our neighbor' front yard is also dropping leaves. However, the crepe myrtles in our yard are rather suborn and their bright leaf coloration is at least a couple of months away. Yes, it has also been hot and humid here on the VA eastern shore and rainy this week, which means more humidity the next few days.