Friday, August 1, 2014

Lee's Shop


Lee has been spending a lot of time in the shop.  The truck is finished and for sale.  The Camaro is mostly finished and we are waiting for the guy who is going to paint the car to have the time to fit him in.  I guess it is a good sign that he is very busy and can't fit the Camaro in until mid-September.

So Lee is bored and doing things in the shop.


He finished the stairs to the loft and decorated it with various car badges. 


One of the fun things to do when looking for parts in a junk yard.  And a repository for cool things he no longer needs, like those gears.  From out of a thingy he replaced.


His compressor is hooked up to a hose on a reel so that he can use power tools on the car.  You know, like when they change your tires with the thing that makes it so you can't get the lug nuts off on the side of the road when you have a flat?  That thing.


He ran a line from that to one of the work benches so he can use the air to blow off things. I don't know what things.  Ask Lee.  But he says it is very handy.  And if you were to learn over and blow on it yourself, you could get dust, cleaning fluid or filings in your eye.  That would be bad.  So it is a clever thing to have.  And could possibly save your eyesight!


He put some plywood around the loft to keep from dropping something (like his own self) down on the cars parked below.  A body would put a real dent in a car hood and that would be bad.


 He also moved the items he had on the shelf against the back wall to storage in the rafters.  Now the former shelf along the wall is a catwalk to the stored items. 


They are easier to get to and more organized.  You just have to duck under each rafter.  He put red caution tape to remind you!


He built a rack to hold frequently used wrenches in order and easily accessible.  This way he can just reach and grab without having to open a drawer and search for the right size.  It is on a rolling tool chest that can be positioned next to where he is working.

When we get ready to sell this place and move to a small house for old people, somebody is going to LOVE this shop.


  1. Lee has the most organized and cleanest shop I have ever seen and you can tell him that. And you are so right that it will be a great find for someone one day...hopefully in the far off future because we are not old people, yet...right?

  2. Looks like Lee did a super job on the stairs! He's going to love that!