Monday, August 25, 2014

Green Candy

We recently bought a bag of salt water taffy.  I know.  Not something we should have done.  My, hungry, convenient.


I was good and had a few while we were out.  The bag went on a shelf in the pantry.  Yesterday I noticed a small pile of just the green ones.  All the others had been consumed.  Except for them.

Why do candy manufacturers make green candy?  Is there anyone that likes them?  Think about it.  Don't you pick out the green jelly beans? 


I'm not talking green Jelly Belly flavors.  Those are great.  But the regular green jelly beans.  Gross.


Now I started thinking about green candy.  And I must admit I do like the green Skittles.


It is obvious that I have an appreciation for all things candy  I blame my parents.  We rarely got candy and if we did it was a special treat or given for doing something special.  So we CRAVED it.  And I still love the unhealthy little blighters.  Granted, I am a grown adult and should have overcome minor childhood traumas by now.

So, tell me.  Do you like green candy?


  1. My preference is dark chocolate and if it were green covered it's a maybe.

  2. Sure... I do eat the green ones, but completely dislike all Jelly Bellys. Give me the good old fashioned jelly beans, any color is just fine with me.