Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cast Iron Care

I have acquired a small collection of cast iron pans.  I use them quite a bit.  There are a few dishes I make for the B&B guests where the cast irons pans are perfect. 

Then you have to clean them.  You are not supposed to use soap.  And soaking them in water is also a no-no.

One suggestion I have found is to fill it with hot water when the pan is still hot to loosen any stuck on food.  That works if you do it when the pan is still hot.  When the food loosens, scrape it out and empty the pan.  Then wipe it dry.  You can't leave water in it to soak.  Sometimes, when serving and preparing, I don't get the hot water in the pan soon enough. Then I resort to using a sponge with a scratchy side.


Recently I came across an article suggesting I use Kosher salt.


You sprinkle the salt in the pan and use a paper towel to rub it all around and scrub the pan clean.  I tried this and it worked!

After it is clean, you wipe it out and then you have to oil the pan.


I place a dollop of canola oil in the pan and rub it all around with a clean paper towel.


Then I store my pans in a small stack with an old dishrag in between to keep them from scratching.  The rags absorb a bit of the oil, so they also help to keep the pans oiled and rust free.

I buy pans from antique stores.  Just make sure they are smooth on the inside and well seasoned.  Any rough spot will be a place where food will stick.

And it is an easy source of iron for your nutritional needs!

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  1. I've heard of using salt but kosher salt will probably work better.