Thursday, July 31, 2014



A new place to eat has opened up recently in Daleville.  Elderberry's is in a cute little house and serves a variety of smoothies, wraps and teas.

We had noticed the construction and then started to see cars and people on the front porch.  It looked like a cute place and Lee and I decided to stop in and check it out.

We were there after 1:00 and it was packed.  The service was fast and the food was great.


Lee and I split a wrap and each got a different smoothie.  You HAVE to do that in order to determine if more than one flavor of smoothie is good.  I sipped some of his and he sipped some of mine.   They were both great.  Next time we will have to each get a wrap and split a smoothie.  The smoothies were huge and the wraps were not very big.  Lot of delicious flavor, but without the smoothie I would have been hungry with half of a wrap.  One wrap is a plentiful meal, though.

One other advantage of splitting a smoothie...we both got brain freeze.  Too much cold.  Or maybe they were so good we slurped them down too fast.


There are a few tables inside of Elderberry's, but mostly people used them as places to sit while they were waiting for their orders to be called. 


There are a few places out on the deck with tables of various sizes and a great padded area to enjoy your treat.  While we were there, most people took their orders and left.

There was a nice mix of young kids and older people.  Oh, my.  Were we the older people?  Probably.

I am thrilled with a new place to eat in Daleville.  I wish someone would open something in Buchanan, but there are not enough people there to justify the expense.  So we will take the drive, or treat ourselves when we are in "town" for other things.

We suggest you do the same.

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  1. Those cheery colors on the cushions and umbrellas really draw a person's eye from the road and make you want to come in! Love that!!