Monday, July 28, 2014

Hounded by David Rosenfelt

I frequently go online and request a bunch of new books from the library.  When it is my turn, there is a program called Library Elf that sends me an email to let me know the book is waiting at the library.  Recently, I picked up 16 new books.  How did they all become available at once?  They are all 14 day books, which means I have to return them within that two week period.  I already had 7 books left at home that were due in a week.  Oh, my.

I've been reading like crazy.  But the best I can do is finish one book a day and part of a second.  I refuse to have late fees, so I may have to return some and get back in line on the request list.


I did jump the line of my books that are due to be read in order to read the latest David Rosenfelt book, Hounded.  This is the most recent book in his Andy Carpenter series.  Andy Carpenter is an attorney who inherited a lot of money and only takes cases that he can't escape.  He is very good at not working.  Usually this is because the client is a friend or a friend of a friend.

In this book,  police Lieutenant Pete Stanton, and good friend to Andy Carpenter,  is framed for murder, oh and some drug trafficking, just to make it serious.  Stanton was investigating some deaths that family members believed to be murder, rather than natural causes.  Andy Carpenter believes that this may have something to do with getting Stanton in a place where he can no longer investigate these deaths.  Someplace like prison.

As with all Andy Carpenter mysteries, there is a dog involved.  In this case a Bassett Hound and his boy, all of whom need a temporary home.  Andy Carpenter runs a dog rescue and he and his girlfriend, and investigator, Laurie Collins take on the boy, the hound and the case.

Andy is a funny, kind of bumbling guy, who absolutely adores his girlfriend and all dogs.  He seems kind of hapless until he takes on the rare case.  Then he gets to trial and you can see him becoming a fierce  protector of his client and his interests.  Because he only agrees to take on clients he presumes to be innocent, we can cheer for him without worrying if he will use his amazing talents to free a guilty man.

There are a lot of series where the premise begins to get stale over time. It seems like the author has signed a publishing contract and has a deadline, so he plugs in a few new situations, changes a few names and writes the same book.  People buy it hoping the much beloved character moves forward, but it never happens.  This is not the case with David Rosenfelt.  I have never been disappointed in a Andy Carpenter book.


So buy the first one, Unleashed, and get started.  Yes, I know I get my books from the library.  But I read a book a day, here.  I CAN'T buy all new books!  But David Rosenfelt runs a dog rescue just like his character Andy Carpenter.  He has a LOT of dogs to feed.  He takes on a lot of large, older dogs that will need medication for the rest of their soon-to-be-pampered lives (see his non-fiction book, Dogtripping).  These dogs are hard to find homes for and he knows they will not be kept long in a shelter.


That has go to be in the top end of expensive.  I don't hear him asking for money to fund this adventure, so I presume he uses his own money. 


I don't know how much money he has amassed over his years working in the movie industry.  So my theory, based on nothing but my imagination,  is that he lives on that money and spends all his book money on the dogs.  Therefore, it in incumbent on all animal lovers to buy his books.  You get a great read and you save the life of a sweet dog.  Charity AND self interest!  How can you go wrong?

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