Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fuel Cells Corrections

I recently wrote about our son's work on fuel cells.   I am not an expert and made a few errors that I will attempt to correct.
It seems you CAN buy fuel cell generators for your Japan.  They have a system of delivering hydrogen that you can use for "feeding" the fuel cells.  Hydrogen is a by-product of petroleum.  You can have something that removes hydrogen from the water, etc. for your home.  But that takes energy and then you are using energy to make energy and there we are.

Travis is working on improving the energy efficiency of fuel cells for his PhD.  Every time I write about his work I can count on making some errors.  This is due to my lack of complete knowledge of fuel cells.  A lack I have no intention of correcting.  I don't want a PhD in, well, ANYTHING.

So this time I won't forward a link to Travis to correct my errors in this correction.  Chances are he won't ever see this post and we can move on to something else.   I have three recipes I am waiting to post.

On the other hand, Travis is a great chef and he may find cooking errors.  So I won't be forwarding ANY thing I write.  He is too smart and he lets me know when I am in error.  In fact, when he was working for Lockheed Martin on NASA things (Space Shuttle fuel tank, Mars lander) he had the nerve to point out that he IS a rocket scientist.
Travis and his wife Vanessa, also brilliant.

But where does he think he gets his mighty brain.  ME!  That's where.  Yeah, yeah, Lee helped.  But STILL.

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  1. HAHAHA! That's right.He should be thanking you, too! :)