Friday, July 18, 2014

A Fid for Cooks

My Aunt Suzy gave me a gift. It is a flat wooden tool , beveled and rounded on one end and tapered on the other.


"What is it?"  I asked.


It looked a little like the plastic fid that I use for burnishing copper foil when I am making stained glass, the one on the right.  We also use one in the library for burnishing the edges of the wraps we put around hard cover books.  It makes the edges nice and crisp.  Only it is made from wood.

"You use it for cooking." she replied.  "You'll find lots of uses for it."

And I have.  I use it like a wooden spoon in cooking, although the beveled edge is useful for removing stuck on food where you don't want to scratch the pan.   


I use it for cooking, cleaning, prying loose.  Lots of little things, but no one thing.


The end got a little flattened over time.  So I got out some sand paper and sanded it back to an edge, washed it and kept on cooking.  It's kind of like a pencil, in that as you use it and it wears down, you remove the bad edge and you have a new tool.


You should get one for yourself.  I have no idea where she got it, although she probably told me at the time.  If you want one I'll tell Suzy.  Maybe she'll get you one, too

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  1. Interesting and I have no doubt I would find a lot of uses for it!