Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sold! maybe

Lee had the truck listed on eBay and it sold!  The first time no one bid above the reserve, so this time he had it as a "buy it now price" and it sold!


The new owner is in Oklahoma and we are not driving it there.  He must arrange for shipping.  But there are a lot of scams on eBay, so it isn't sold until we see the full price.   He has placed a deposit, so we will hold it for him until he makes the shipping arrangements.


I think Lee is pretty excited.  He wasn't sure he would ever make his money back on the truck.  He sold it for about what he has into it.  Assuming you don't count the many hours of work.  So I guess the work was the fun part.  And taking it to a few car shows.


And now he gets some money to buy a new car he has an eye on. 


Of course he is still working on the 1974 Camaro.  The carburetor is at a shop to be rebuilt. We are waiting on that and then it needs paint and a few tweaks.  Then maybe we will sell that and Lee can have only ONE car to be rebuilt in the shop!

What do you think we should paint it?  Red?  Black?


  1. Congrats... sure hope the sale goes through.

  2. Hipe the truck enjoys its new home in Oklahoma. We sold a boat on ebay a few years ago and also had to wait until shipping arrangements were made and pickup completed...maybe we shiuld try selling our home that way too and no pockup would be needed my color vote is red..