Tuesday, May 6, 2014

RJ Gets A Visitor

RJ has been bored lately.  We no longer have horses for him to visit and play with.  And we are old, therefore, boring.


But, then things began looking up.  Our younger daughter us visited this weekend.  She will be doing her Physician's Assistant rotations soon and won't be able to visit us as often as we would like, so it was wonderful to see her and her fiancé.


We spent a good portion of her visit touring some local vineyards.  Tara and Greg are thinking of getting married in one and we thought some of the ones near us might work.  We thoroughly enjoyed the visit.


RJ was thrilled.  Especially when Tara and Greg took him for a walk.  Hurray for young people!


  1. Have they found a suitable and gorgeous location yet?