Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I've been trying to get some flowers in the garden outside the B&B.  Trying.  Somebody came in and ate the last ones I put in.  Or most of them.  I think I will keep the gate closed from now on to see if that helps.  Did you notice we had the fence and gate painted?


I didn't plant a lot of flowers.  Partly because that is an expensive way to feed deer...or maybe rabbits.  Mostly because I don't know exactly what I want to plant.  And the soil is terrible, so that even with a lot of amendments, a good portion of what I plant dies. 


This is where they dug out for the basement, so it is mostly hard packed clay, shale and rocks.


I got a few things in the vegetable garden.  Just one tomato this year. 


Last year they got too much rain and I had problems with them splitting on top.  I also got borers in my zucchini, AGAIN.  So I will probably end up buying those things from the local Farmer's Market in Daleville.


I planted a rhubarb last year that is finally producing this year.  I may use it for muffins or small cakes for guests. I planted a second one, in case they are a hit.  I always have to have basil. 

My garden will never be as good as the one tended by http://www.dianecaytonhakey.com/  Go check hers out.  Superb.

I need to buy more plants, but can't decide what to use.  Rosemary for sure.  Does anyone start corn in pots?

Southern States is my next stop.  I may try some seeds for the corn.


On the other hand, the grass is growing great.  So that makes us farmers.  Our crop is hay.  And we watch it grow.  Doing a good job of that!



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  1. Corn would not pollinate well in pots according to my resident farmer (Pat). He explained that several plants would be needed to cross pollinate, so they would do better planted in the ground. We have cut down our gardening to a couple tomato and pepper plants and some basil. Our old rosemary bush did not survive through the winter this year. And yes, the painted fence looks great, Rebecca.