Sunday, May 18, 2014

So Nice

The latest B&B guests just left. It was a very nice couple that came to Botetourt for the 2014 NCCAA softball championship.  Their daughter was competing and they chose to stay with us.  You should know that these kids don't just come here to win a national title.  They all come from Christian Universities and they do some sort of community service here before the games.  How generous is that?

Also, these are girls, so they don't get all worked up over their future softball careers.  I would assume most pay attention in college because after they graduate they don't assume they will be professional players making millions.


This picture was taken from the Bluefield College website.

Two great things happened.  One was that their daughter's team won.  How exciting to come all this way and watch your daughter (and her teammates) win another National title.


The other was something just for me.  After the last breakfast this morning, I was told that they hadn't expected to have a romantic weekend on this trip, but that is what they got.


We have tried very hard to make our B&B a romantic getaway. 

What a nice thing to say.  I feel a bit verklempt.


  1. What a wonderful compliment about your facility/service :)

  2. Oh, that is soooo nice! To know that your B&B brought about romance...... makes me feel all hearts and candy-like. Maybe you should put flowers in the room for couples... or do you? Unless of course they have allergy issues...