Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Gifts


Once upon a time there was a great fluffy fuzzball of a cat named Rhett.  He and his brother Ashley  (yes, I know, corny) lived in a big house on a hill with two full time employees.


Rhett loved going outside to look around and enjoy nature.  He signaled this by scratching up any upholstered furniture near a door he thought he would like to use.  This was effective.  Scratch the furniture and then his staff would open the door and allow (force) him outside.  It hadn't taken him long to train his staff.  They were pretty bright, for people.


When they didn't do what he wanted, and he TOLD them PLAIN as DAY in his LOUD commanding voice, he was forced to YELL at them. People could be so stubborn, and let's face it, kind of slow. 


The staff was pretty good about keeping his dining room clean and replenished, not as often as Rhett would like, but Rhett's doctor had been clear to his employees that Rhett was becoming too corpulent.  It was hard to get good help.


Lately it had been just too cold to go outside.  This made Rhett sad.  Outside was his favorite place to be.  Next was inside.  Last was in the car, especially on trips to the doctor.

Then one day there was a break in the clouds and the outside became almost warm.  Almost warm is okay when you have a luxurious fur coat, kept tangle free by his staff.  He loved his staff.  In a haughty, superior sort of way.  He thought it was time to reward them for their good behavior.

Rhett decided to get them a toy to play with.  He loved toys.  The best toys were the ones that moved and wiggled.  Rhett liked those a lot and figured his staff would, too.


So he brought them one.  That one disappeared, so he brought them another.  This time he saw a staff member throw his gift down the hillside.  How rude.  He thought he would give them one more chance and brought them one last gift.


Once again his overzealous staff tidied up the porch.  How stupid were they?  This was a LOVELY gift.  Well, it is true that it was no longer wiggling and fun to chase, but you could still throw it up in the air and bat it around!


That's it.  Three gifts in one week that were totally unappreciated and he was DONE being grateful.  Maybe his people weren't as bright as he thought.


  1. Rhett and Ashley are gorgeous kitties!

  2. A children's book, are you kidding me this story would make them cry

  3. A good adult story and we were laughing while reading it, Rebecca. We have a lot of those lawn pests here so is Rhett available for hire in the spring?