Thursday, February 13, 2014

Deja Vu

There was  big snow storm in 2009 here in Botetourt County.  It dropped 18 inches and we were snowed in for about three days.  We have three 4-wheel drive vehicles, a Kawasaki Mule, A Ford 250 and a tractor.  All three slid into the snow and got stuck at various spots on the drive.  We would dig one out and it would drive for a bit and then slide off another side.  We did this over and over for three days.

We vowed that the next big storm Lee would get out and plow in the middle of the night so that we could see the road and not plow BESIDE the road.  And to keep the snow build-up from lifting the vehicles so high there was no traction.


Last night another big storm dropped about 10 inches.  Lee went out and plowed about 7:30, but it was only a few inches deep at that time.  He thought he would put out wooden stakes to mark the curve of the drive, but it was dark and cold and they were only talking about 8 inches.


Eight inches is no different than 18 inches if you are stuck and can't move.  Except it is easier to dig by hand.   And we got ten inches.


So now his tractor is stuck at the bottom of the drive.  The first part of the slope is steep and although the drive is cleared, he can't get traction.  It's too icy.  I drove down in the Mule to pick him up, but it slid off the curve.  Lee couldn't see the drive in an ocean of white and plowed on the side of the drive in a few spots, the curve being one.   The pitch was too great for the Mule.  It slid in the ditch.  I started digging and Lee hiked up the hill and we dug it free.  About 5 times.


We would dig and then Lee would try to get going.  The Mule would get stuck and we would hop out and dig some more.  It seemed to work a bit better when I was in the Mule with him, but he was kind enough not to point out that my weight assisted with the traction. Smart man. It's why we are still married.  Don't make stupid jokes that you can't take back, my free advice to the recently married.


So now I am on the computer and Lee is trying to see if he can get the truck going.  My thought is that we will soon have two 4-wheel drive vehicles stuck at the bottom of the drive.  Lee wants to see what he can do to get the tractor up.

The good thing is we don't have to be anywhere  anytime soon.  It is supposed to be about 47 tomorrow and that should take care of a good portion of the snow.

The only hurry to clear the drive involves a reservation at First and Sixth, the restaurant in the newly renovated Patrick Henry Hotel in Roanoke.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day after all.  Also, our daughter, Tara, has a few days off from her Physician's Assistant program at George Washington and is coming to visit for a few days. And she will need to get up the drive.  Or park at the bottom and have someone come and get her.

Uh-oh.  It's snowing again.


At least the truck was able to get back up the hill.

So now we wait.


  1. Stopped snowing here long enough to get everything plowed out and at noon here comes the snow again. Probably at least a total of 17 inches on the ground is my best guess. Good luck with that digging out! NOT FUN! And be careful not to have any slip and falls either!

  2. I got tired just reading about all that digging. I hope you managed to get daughter home safely and tomorrow I sure hope you get to go to that nice place in Roanoke. I'm pulling for you.

  3. Somehow long, curving drives look more attractive in any other season than winter. Hope the tractor makes it back up the drive, eventually.
    But more umportantly, hope you and Lee enjoy a wonderful dinner and visit with Tara. Happy Hearts Day to you both!
    And, good advice to newly and long-married couples as well.