Friday, February 21, 2014

Brochure Spot

Recently we bought a magazine holder to cover the electrical box protruding from a wall.  We cut a hole in the back and secured it to the wall.  Then we waited for inspiration.

We got some good suggestions on this blog and wandered the aisles at A.C.Moore looking for inspiration. Fill with rocks or shells?  Make a dried/silk flowers arrangement?  Or better, hire it done by a professional.  We went with using it a box for rack cards for local activities.  I am putting together a book of places to eat and things to see and do, but I also needed a place for a few rack cards.

I still need to fill the gaps around the electrical box and get some Plexiglas (or other material)  holders to keep things from sliding around.

We did find these letters at A.C.Moore.  I tried to put them on with a glue stick and tape to hold it until it dried.  Unsuccessfully.


I got out the glue gun and that worked.  I tried to slide one of the letters over a tiny bit IMMEDIATELY after pressing it to the box.  Nope.  Stuck like glue...(you and me baby, we're stuck like glue.)


So I decided to love it. It needs one more screw in the wall to straighten it a bit, and then I can get on to the next project.

The path to the door.  Move the flagstones.  Add gravel.  Wreck the back...again.  More physical therapy.  A girl has to have a plan.

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