Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Is A Four Letter Word

Snow is beautiful.  It covers brown dry grass and makes any winter landscape starkly simple and more gorgeous than the exposed winter vegetation. 


I love the look of it resting on branches and trees.


I love the view of our stream and bordered with snow. 


I love to see the tracks the deer and rabbits make after a snow fall.


RJ loves, Loves,  LOVES the snow!  He loves running in it and leaping in it.


He WON'T get in the Mule for a ride and he will stay out as long as we do.


I hate the vehicles that start to slide in the snow for no good reason and end up in a ditch.  I hate digging them out only to have them slide deeper into the snow.


We called a few people we know and asked if they knew anyone with a snow plow and CHAINS to come clear our drive.


So now we sit and wait.  Cancel the dinner reservations and wait. 


We did clear a parking spot (by hand) at the bottom of the hill for our daughter to use.  When she gets here we will drive down in the Kawasaki Mule and bring her up. 

Lee was able to make one pass with the tractor and the scraper to start to clear a path.  Then, when he took it out after the second snow fall, it was just that much too deep and the tractor slid off the road and stuck. 

So now we are using the technique my friend Rena espouses.  "God put it there.  I can wait for Him to take it away."

So we are waiting.  Unless you have a snow plow and want to make some money????


  1. David and our neighbor did our driveway, which we three homeowners share. The neighbor had one set of chains which allowed him to make it up the drive, but when he tried to be a GOOD neighbor and also do another person's driveway up to their house, it didn't go so well. Guess he probably needed a second set of chains which he didn't have. Snow can be a super duper pain in the patoot!

  2. Oh dear. I hope you get things dug out soon. But aren't Mules great?

  3. Bummer! The county got to our road late this afternoon and Joe spent a few hours this morning working with the tractor on our driveway. I do have a suggestion…. Lowes has 48" orange reflective driveway rods that are awesome! They're pretty nondescript but you can see them at night and in the snow. We put them out this winter and they've been invaluable for finding the driveway in the snow! We'll probably take them up after winters over, but we're sure glad we have them now!
    Here's the link:

  4. Pat said he would be willing to help out with his friend, John D. The onky problem would be getting there. Your friend's advice might be the best right now. And, maybe a couple of sun dances as well?