Sunday, January 12, 2014



Yesterday was rainy, and sprinkling, except for when it poured buckets.  The wind came up and blew some of the clouds away and we noticed the light from the sunset put a glow on the farm behind us.  It was pretty so I took a picture and then went to the front porch to see what we were being blessed with there.

The sunset was off set by a cloud layer that had settled in the little valley below our house.


I wish my camera could capture how pretty it was.  I hope this gives you an idea.


  1. We have had some super awesome skies lately... sunrises, sunsets. As long as it doesn't get as cold as it was last week I can take pretty much anything Mother Nature dishes out at us.

  2. Even though a camera quite often does not completely capture the beauty of a scene, just to have seen it is a wonderful experience.