Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Cold

Yes.  It IS cold.  Most everyone is cold.  I have been hearing the news of this polar vortex and knew it would be cold. 

Got up and it was 1.  Yes, one degree above zero.  Fahrenheit.

Now it has warmed up considerably.  It is 6.


Beautiful day, though.  Stepped out on the porch.  Took one picture and stepped back in.

Gotta find something inside to do.

It's going to be in the sixties on Sunday.  Is THAT global warming or is THIS global warming?


  1. Clear blue skies today... too bad it was too cold to go out and really enjoy them....

  2. Too cold here as well. Our warm up starts tomorrow and I will be glad for it!

  3. Yeah, it's been below freezing all day here. Other than walking the dog and feeding the birds, we stayed indoors.

  4. I'm a little confused on what is global warming, and what isn't! :) I did make it outside on the coldest day with wool tights, wool socks, wool scarf, wool mittens, and a long wool coat, and went into the woods. Not for long, but I did get out there! :)

  5. It's all global warming. Global warming is climate change created by the increasing loss of ozone at the poles, which makes the earth warmer in small degrees. However, this change is enough to impact the climate of the earth, causing violent storms, temperature variations, etc. Just because it is cold doesn't mean it isn't global warming. At least that is my thought on it. Hope you survived the cold and did something fun.