Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not So Much Snow

The weather forecasters were calling for quite a bit of snow here in Buchanan.  We had about 1/2 to an inch in the morning which promptly melted.   Then we had another inch or so in the evening.  Rather a big bust.


I imagine that sounds like bragging to the folks along the East Coast that got slammed.  We frequently get by-passed by the bigger storms.  The mountains to the west seem to protect our little valley and I am glad for it.  Except I kind of wanted a big snow storm where we are snowed in for a day or two.

No such luck.


The snow did seems to blow in both directions, though.  It came in through our screen porch on the back of the house.  It also came in quite a bit onto the front porch.


And now it's pretty cold, so I think it might stick around for a day or two.  But we're not snowed in.  and I have no excuse for not getting anything done.

Yes, I know all the things on my list are inside things, but a snow day is a snow day and you aren't allowed to work.  I think it is a Federal Law.  Or maybe a State Law.  Or a law of Nature.   But now there is no excuse.  (sigh)


  1. It's funny how this snow fell. I live in southwest Roanoke County. Yesterday it snowed and melted - twice. Then, last night it snowed again and stuck. I'd guess we had about an inch to an inch and a half this morning. I forgot to measure before I shoveled. Our road hasn't been plowed and my husband said it was tricky getting out this morning. It sure was a pretty snow. When I shoveled, it was like little granules. I hope you're staying nice and warm.

  2. You have some beautiful views!

  3. Oh, I'm ready for a big old snowstorm.