Friday, January 31, 2014

Scaredy Cat

We have two rescue cats.  They are from the same litter and couldn't be more different.


One has short hair.  One has very long hair.


One loves people and will walk up to guests and request (demand) attention.

One hides.  One of his favorite places is on top of a bookcase.

Today I looked all over for him after some visitors had left.  Where did he go?

It seems he climbed under the quilt on the bed.


It's safe to come out, now.  You big, fat, baby

And, yes, I do know the quilt is upside down.  The top has some tears that need to be repaired.  On the list....


  1. Such a funny face in the second photo, but OH those eyes are so beautiful.

  2. Cute that he hides under the blankie. Some days I guess we all feel like doing that. xox

  3. Seems to me that he knew that there were loose threads on the underside. I'll bet he was adding to the repair work you need to do. Goodness, I love a cat.