Friday, February 8, 2013

A Snow Day


It started to snow last night around 10:00.  It must have come down lightly for quite few hours, because there was a couple of inches on the ground this morning.  I went out to feed the horse around 8:30 this morning,  ( I know, I know, late.  But I didn't sleep well and that is when I got up.  The best sleep is always right when you are supposed to get up.) and it had already stared to melt. 


I love it when the snow coats the pine trees. 


It is also pretty on bare branches.


It even makes the burn pile kind of pretty.


Deer tracks on the way to the barn.  Only one, though.  We haven't seen the crowds of deer that we used to see.  Don't know what that is about...unless it is the dog, that love, love, loves to chase them.  I think he would be very surprised if he caught one.  NOW, what???


It is supposed to get to 50 today so Claire gets to go out in the snow without a blanket.  She does have a run-in shed to get out of, and off of the snow, should she so desire.

I put out some fresh hay and the water has a wee little heater to keep the tank free of ice.  My favorite thing on winter mornings.   Except, maybe, a friendly face.


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