Saturday, January 21, 2012

Explosive Eighteen

I recently checked out Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich from the library. I was reading it while Lee was driving. I had been giggling at some of the things Stephanie Plum was doing and decided Lee should have the pleasure of hearing what it was that struck my funny bone. So I read him a couple of paragraphs.

If you read this series, you will know that Stephanie's Grandmother LOVES to go to funerals. She always causes a problem and this time was no exception.

'It was close to nine o'clock when Grandma found her way to the cookie table. She ate three cookies, wrapped four more in a napkin, put them in her purse, and she was ready to head for home.
"It got better after you left, " she said. "Melvin Shupe came through the line and cut the cheese right when he got up to the casket. He said he was sorry, but the widow made a big fuss over it. And then the funeral director came with air freshener, and when he sprayed it around, Louisa Belman got an asthma attack and they had to cart her out the back door to get some air. Earl Krizinski was sitting behind me, and he said he saw Louisa's underpants when they picked her up, and he said he got a stiffy."
"Louisa Belman is ninety-three years old."
"Well, I guess to Earl, underpants are underpants." '

Lee didn't laugh. He sat there driving for a minute and then said, "That is why I hate going to funerals."

And that is why he strikes MY funny bone.

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