Saturday, December 22, 2018

More Baby Quilt 2

I finished all the boat squares on the sailboat quilt I am making for our second grandchild.  The next step is sewing all the sashing between the 8 boat squares and the one whale square that I placed in the center of the quilt.


I like the way it is turning out.


After the top was sewn, I made a "sandwich"  of the backing fabric and the batting in between the two.  The cat was quite curious about the whole process.  And not in a good way.


I particularly like the way it is coming together so quickly.  I may ONLY do baby quilts from here on out.


For the first time, I decided to use free hand quilting on the whole project.


I had to be careful to avoid stitching the prairie points, that are supposed to be only attached at the base, to the body of the quilt.

I also chose to stitch very carefully around the boats ( and the whale) to emphasize them.


When the whole thing was quilted, I trimmed the edges.


And then I started to attach the satin binding.  I chose satin because babies love to play with the satin binding of their blankets!

I love the backing of the quilt. An oven themed quilt!


One more quilt finished.  I have two more I want to do!



  1. Looks like a lucky grandchild will receive this beautiful and lovingly made quilt, Rebecca.

    1. I hope she likes it! I have decided baby quilts are the way to go. They are smaller and work up faster. And so fun to pick out the fabric!

  2. I couldn't resist commenting. Perfectly written!