Friday, June 1, 2018

"T" is for Organization

I have a bin on a shelf in my pantry for tea and coffee.  The problem is I don't like just one brand or flavor. I also like to keep a selection for guests.  This makes for a messy bin that I paw through to find the tea I want at any given time.

I saw a random post about organizing tea and decided that was a great idea.  It was super easy and quick and I love the way it looks, now.

You'll need a small storage bin and some Ziploc bags.


Cut the front off a tea box so that you can see the type and flavor of the tea.  Place the label and the tea bags in a Ziplock bag.  Arrange the bags so they are straight and in two even rows.


Fold down the top of the Ziploc bag and place it in the storage bin

Repeat with all the boxes of tea.


Now I can find the tea I want or pull out the bin and offer it to guests.

So neat!  So tidy! So satisfying!


  1. Were your ears burning Memorial Day? My husband and I visited Buchanan. We shopped at Purgatory Emporium and another antique shop. The owner was from McDowell County, WV - which is where my dad grew up.
    Then we walked across the swinging bridge and had lunch at the restaurant there on the corner. A customer in there struck up a conversation with us and he had grown up in Winchester, where we lived for 30 years before moving to this area.
    My laptop died after dropping it more than once. It’s much harder to read blogs on my phone.
    Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Looks like not only a great way to organize and find the teabags, Rebecca, but also may take up less shelf space. I have a tea tin with assorted varieties of tea bags which takes up less shelf space but I do need to sort through the can, which thankfully is small.