Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Giant Bird House

The last couple of mornings, we have gone out the garage to get the paper and found a bird trapped inside the garage.  We open the doors and EVENTUALLY it will fly out.


But first it has to leave a lovely parting gift on my car.


We started wondering why a bird would keep flying in after such a traumatic experience.


We searched all the higher spots in the garage and look what we found.


I hope the eggs are still viable after we the times we have locked the garage when we leave on various excursions.


We recently replaced a rotting bird house with this one.


I guess we didn't get it up in time for this particular bird tenant.


For the next week or two we will have to leave the garage open.  And hope the bird is grateful enough to quit leaving her questionable gifts.


  1. Oh dear! Sad thing to find...

  2. I'm hoping it will turn out well. They are still sitting on the eggs and we are leaving one garage door open. I guess we'll see. It has been warm, so that should help.