Friday, July 28, 2017

We Don't Own Cows

Sometimes after a big storm we find that a few cows have wondered up to our driveway.  Or up by the house.  We don't own cows.

This usually means a tree has fallen on the fence line up in the woods.  This allows the cows from the neighbor over the hill to wander from their property, through the woods to our grassy, green pastures. You know, the ones that look greener than their pastures.


Cows seem sort of like cats in this regard.  What's over there that might be more interesting than over here?

When our dog, RJ,  sees these cows he runs at them barking, hoping to chase them off.  He does this to the deer frequenting our property and they turn around and dash into the woods, with their white tails flapping behind them.  This is very satisfying.

Beef cows don't run from RJ.  He doesn't scare them in the least.  After all, they outweigh him by more than 1000 pounds. That's half a ton.  When he runs barking at them, they stare him down.   RJ stops stops barking and trots back to us. He doesn't act cowed by them, pun intentional.  He acts as though he has done his job and we can go about our business.


After a few of these visits, we got the name of the man behind us and now we call him to come and get them.  He doesn't try to chase them home, either.  He shakes a grain bucket and lures them home.


By this time the cows have had a grand adventure.  They got to sample some greener grass, they got to intimidate a dog and they got a mid day treat.  No wonder they love to visit us!


  1. LOL! Shaking a grain bucket is the BEST way to get a cow back home!

    1. That's good to know. Should we ever get cows. And then lose them. I can't remember the name of the man with the cows as we rarely see them, but I have him listed as Cow Daddy in my contacts!😄 It's a good thing he knows all the tricks!

  2. We use sweet feed to entice the cows back home. But they will also follow my husband's truck or the tractor.

    1. I expect they follow your husband and the tractor because they are the source of the sweet feed! Now that I have multiple sources regaling me with the benefits of cow herding with grain, I am ready to get my own cows! Perhaps I will wait , though, until I learn one or two more things about them.