Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Should I Be Worried?

I heard RJ barking.  This is not unusual.  He barks at deer and other wildlife.  He barks at the various delivery trucks.  The drivers carry dog treats, so his barking is to remind us to let him out for a biscuit.


I looked for RJ and found him in the front yard.  He was looking up at the roof and barking away.  I went outside to see what was bothering him so much.


This is what I found.  Yes.  A buzzard.  He was just sitting on the roof, biding his time.


I guess I'll be dead soon.


  1. You must look mighty tasty to him. LOL

    1. I imagine that my meat has a lot of tasty marbling.

  2. Replies
    1. Perhaps. But I'm pretty sure RJ can take him. He has tangled with many of the local critters and come out on top.