Saturday, July 15, 2017

Truck Bed

Semi trucks drive back and forth across the country every day. Most of them have a sleeper cab behind the driver's seat so that the trucker can pull over and sleep when needed.  Some are fancy with a TV and a refrigerator and some are quite simple.

The bed in the cab-over semi Lee recently bought is one of the simple ones.  Most likely this is because the whole cab lifts up to access the engine underneath and anything not locked down will fall forward.

Lee has been working on the truck, but I am no mechanic so I can't help with that.  I decided to help him refurbish the sleeping area.


First off, the mattress is disgusting.  There are unknown stains on it.  I'm hoping they are spilled Cokes.


But it has to go.


Every job on the interior of this truck starts with tossing the supplies up and then climbing inside.  Don't forget anything, because climbing in and out is a pain.


The platform the mattress sits on also needed help.  I cleaned it and gave it a fresh coat of paint.  I had to tie the seat belts up and off the platform.


I guess they are there so one guy can drive and another can sleep, but still have seat belts on so they don't fly through the windshield in an accident.  On the other hand, it could just be to secure the mattress when they lift the cab.  Who cares about the driver!


I had to buy a new, kind of pricey, non-standard size, mattress to replace the old mattress.  Because, ewww.  Then I had to buy similarly pricey sheets.  Good thing Lee had a birthday recently.  The refurbished sleeping area is my gift to him.


I'm storing the mattress in a guest room for the moment.  I worry about mice setting up housekeeping in it when we aren't really using the truck.  I bought sheets and a spread to use when Lee takes the truck to a cruise in or truck show.  I won't be sleeping in there.  The A/C  in the truck isn't currently working.  But it will look nice all tricked out.

My job is done.  What is taking Lee so long?


  1. And your job is nicely done, Rebecca. Looking forward to seeing what's Lee does to the truck before its first show.

    1. He's not planning on making it super glamorous. Those trucks can never be sold for what was spent on them. But he is fixing it up and cleaning it up. He may get it painted, but that can be super pricey. I want him to put a tiny house on a trailer to pull behind. Then I'll stay at a campground and he can go show the truck. He's not on board with that idea. YET! she said with an evil grin. 😈

  2. A tiny house would be perfect for quick getaways. My husband was a truck driver, I traveled with him occasionally, it was always an adventure. The sleeper was a single so we slept in shifts. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

    1. So far his time is spent fixing the actual working parts, but I have hopes. He is having fun. I don't get it, getting greasy and sweaty and not getting paid, but he likes it!