Thursday, June 29, 2017

Peach Shortcake

I saw a recipe for strawberry shortcake using a donut for the shortcake.  That sounded interesting. But then I heard that Bryant Orchards had opened.  They pick fresh peaches each day and put them in their store.  If you have only eaten peaches from the grocery store, you have never tasted a real peach.  The ones at Bryant Orchards are sweet and delicious and not mealy and hard like those in the grocery stores.

I decided to get some fresh peaches and make a Peach shortcake using donuts!

Peach Shortcake

Greek Vanilla Yogurt


This is super easy! Peel and slice the peaches.


Slice the donuts horizontally.  Place some peach slices on one half of a donut.  Spoon some yogurt on top of the slices and then cover the yogurt with more peaches.  Put the other half of the donut on top and you're done!


I took the finished picture and was a little disappointed.  It didn't look too exciting.


Fortunately I had a can of whipped cream in the refrigerator.  That made a better picture.  And added fun to the shortcake!


I was thinking a giant scoop of ice cream would make it even better, but I didn't have any ice cream.  If you have ice cream, then I would definitely add a scoop!

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