Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A jaunt


Lee has been working on his new-to-him GMC truck.  He touched one of the hoses under the cab and the whole thing disintegrated. This encouraged him to replace all hoses and wires that showed their age, which is a lot of them.


After working on the truck for a few weeks, he decided to take it out for a jaunt in the country.  He had only been driving it in and out of the shelter.  The gearing is different than he is used to and he wanted to do some practice shifting and the steering is way different.


He has the name of the large truck mechanic in case of trouble.  (What did we do before cell phones?)   Once all the small repairs are made, I may go with him.  But only when it is cool.  No A/C.  I am a wimp and require cool air.  That is pricey, so he may not get around to it.


So, if that's the case, I will wait here for him.


He just got back.  The test drive was a success!