Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bookworm Bookmarks

My friend Rena Worthen is the genealogy librarian in Fincastle, VA.  This is the library in Botetourt County that has the most extensive material for researching your roots.  Fincastle is the county seat for Botetourt County.  She has added tons of material and researches names at as many local cemeteries as she can find.  Now she needs more bookcases.


On a recent trip to a library in Pennsylvania, she saw that they were selling bookworm bookmarks as a fundraiser.  Rena decided this was a way to help her purchase her bookcase.  Then she decided that I would be the perfect patsy best one to make these bookmarks.  I was a willing servant and started making some based on the pattern she provided me.

I have a lot of yarn from various other projects, so I made a few in several colors.



Most are long enough to use in a hardback book.


Googly eyes make them look more wormlike and kind of cute!


I made a few short ones with no eyes for little kids so they can't choke on them.  I didn't make too many of the little ones as a kid book is usually finished in one sitting, but if someone wants to buy one for their little one, who am I to argue?

I have a large, flat, heart-shaped basket made with patriotic fabric that I thought would nice for a display.  A silly sign finished off my contribution.


If they sell, I will make more.  This is an experiment to see if there is a market for hand crocheted bookmarks in the library.  It is up to Rena to price them.  The cost of the yarn and the googly eyes is negligible, but each one takes about 10 minutes to make, so I hope she gets a decent contribution for them.

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  1. What a cute idea for a fundraise, Rebecca. You friend certainly did select the best person to make these and the sign was fun too. Hope they sell out and perhaps you might consider selling to any interested bloggers as well.