Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lee's New Hobby

Delivery day!

Lee has a new hobby.  He bought a 1985 GMC Cab Over semi tractor.  It is called a cab over because the cab sits over the engine.  It is hinged in the front and you have to tip the whole cab over to get to the engine.  This means anything in the cab will fall all over the place anytime you work on the engine.  And you can't work on it in the shop, because the roof isn't high enough.


They don't really use them much in the US, anymore.  They have discontinued making them here.   These are considered antique vehicles and people take them to car and truck shows and vintage vehicle shows.  Other countries with small streets still have cab over vehicles.  I have seen newer ones in Europe.

Some are still in use here, but mostly they sit around rusting or they have been bought up by enthusiasts and shown.

I asked Lee why he wanted one.  Was he going to use it to haul things or??  He says he intends to drive it around, show it at the local cruise in and maybe take it to a few truck shows. He is in the process of fixing it up.  I'm not sure how fixed up it will get. It needs paint, but that can get very pricey.

He is excited. Can't you tell?

I still don't get it.  But he didn't much care for my horses, and they ate whether we were using them or not.  And we had to pay people to care for them when we were out of town.  Trucks don't do that.  So I will take pictures and be kind of bemused by the whole thing.  And wonder if he will be able to find another guy that just always wanted one when he tires of it.

I sure hope so.


  1. Everyone needs a hobby and it's clear that Lee has found his new project. We will be looking forward to the photo updates as this one progresses.

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    2. Didn't know they would leave this! I just had a typo and didn't notice it until I posted it. Here is my comment!

      Yes. That's true. It's just that this one is just so BIG!

  2. Sounds like he has a good hobby. We all need one!

  3. You especially need a few when you are retired. There has to be a reason to get up and not just vegetate. I hope he can find someone else with this hobby when he is ready to move on to something else!