Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bird Hazard

Our house seems to have moved into a bird flight path.  On two separate occasions in the past week I have heard a loud thump.  When the first one happened, I went to check it out and the cats were peering out of the window.


I don't know what this bird is, but it looked dead.  I carefully went outside through a different door than the cats were using to plot their Thanksgiving dinner.


The bird appeared dead at first, but then I saw that it was breathing and the eyes were flickering.  I left it alone for 10 or 15 minutes.  It was still there.  Still on its back.


I went out again and gently tried to turn it over.  I placed it breast down and left it alone again.

I checked 20 minutes later and the bird was gone.  The cats had been inside the whole time, so I figure the bird recovered from the head trauma and went home to recuperate.

A few days later, I once again heard a loud thump on the window.


Once again I saw the cats plotting dinner.  Once again I found a stunned bird on its back.


It was alive and I left it alone.


This time when I helped the bird upright, the head kept turning to one side.  With my massive education earned through watching medical shows on television, (my version of online education) I diagnosed a neurological deficit through blunt force trauma.


This particular patient checked out of the hospital AMA...Against Medical Advice.

I can't stop cleaning the windows, because I don't actually clean the windows.  So I don't know how to stop this bird apocalypse.  Opinions are welcomed.


  1. Screens on the windows? Alternately, there are films like Collidescape.

    1. Our windows are probably 20 feet high. They make for fabulous views but they are not easy to put anything on them. The windows that open have screens. Good suggestions, but we may just have to hope for the best. I'm glad no bird died in the making of this blog, though.

  2. Suicide by head trauma? Not sure why birds do this, but one thing I do know is that one of these times when you open your freezer, the cats will have a surprise for you. Thanksgiving bird.

    1. Well, that's a creepy thought! I may have to come to YOUR house for Thanksgiving. 🍗😇

  3. They just see the reflection of the sky and continue to fly....many folks use stickers on their windows to break up that reflection. The ones we used were black plastic silhouettes of birds that cling to the inside of the window. You can find them online. I have a friend that hangs stained glass ornaments on her windows and doors and they look remarkable.

    1. Our windows are absolutely stunning....get it? Anyway, they provide a great view, but the number of stickers to deflect birds would be difficult.
      They cover the back of the house and are about 20 feet high. I tried to put a picture here, but I'm not smart enough.