Friday, May 12, 2017

Cab over

Lee jacked up his new, old truck so I could see how it worked


You may have seen these cab over trucks on the road.  But you probably haven't seen them lifted up.


This is how you have to work on the powertrain on one of these trucks.  Don't leave any important papers on the seat, a full coffee cup or forget that someone is sleeping in the back.


He has started fixing little things like lights and wiring.  So far there are no major problems.  I'm going to let him drive it a few times before I go for a ride.  I want to make sure the truck works and Lee knows what he is doing.


This is the view from the ground.  It is quite a climb to get in. You have to make sure you start on the correct foot and plan your handholds.  It is sort of like climbing a rock wall!

Once inside the dashboard wraps around the driver.


The passenger seat is separated by the dash and there is a small twin bed platform behind the seats.  Im going to get in there with some PineSol and new sheets and that is where I will ride!


I let my cousins climb in the truck.  They had a blast!



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    1. I do want to ride in it. I'll post those pictures. But I really do intend to let him get some experience before I go with him. Someone has to be available to go pick him up!