Friday, April 29, 2016

What Is That?

I bought Lee a game camera so that we could see what animals are pooping  defecating leaving scat on our driveway.  It is a very long driveway, about 1/3 of a mile.  We have a lot of deer and that is what we have mostly been seeing.

We have had bear here twice that we know of.  Both times they were chased off by RJ, the wonder dog.  This is RJ in his "waiting for Lee to come home" pose. 


He doesn't look particularly brave, but a large bear on his hind legs just gets him mad.  RJ CHASING a bear gets me scared.  He came back from one encounter with some shallow scrapes, but it doesn't deter him and calling him back is pretty much useless.

The other day we got some different pictures.  It looks sort of dog like, so I am thinking coyote?  We can hear a large pack of them yipping from time to time.  We have seen a small grey fox, but just one each time.

When RJ encounters any new scat he smells it intensely, urinates and then runs around, barking
excitedly.  MY PROPERTY, he seems to be saying.  Sadly, this is not particularly effective.

Unless you consider the fun that RJ has proclaiming his dominance for all to hear.  It is big fun for RJ.

But what IS that?


  1. I think it's a fox. But it could also be a coyote.

  2. Looks like a fox to me. Coyotes are shaped a wee bit differently. I have thought about getting a camera for the yard too, I know we have deer and have heard a fox recently and the local bear has been out and about again. So much nighttime activity!