Saturday, April 30, 2016

Two Stockings Finished

Last year I started work on a Christmas stocking for my son-in-law.  I waited until after the wedding in September, so I didn't have time to finish it before Christmas.  It looked about like this and I just propped it up under the mantle. 


I made stockings for my kids when they were little, and then when they started getting married, I had to make one for their spouses.

But this year I have a GRANDDAUGHTER.  So, of course, she gets a stocking, too.  She was born Christmas Eve, so I didn't have a stocking ready for her.  She was busy that day.


I waited until both were stitched to sew them together.  The kits include a felt backing.  That is all I used for the stockings for my kids, but when I started making them for the spouses, I started lining them.  I am no way a seamstress, so I just cut out around the felt backing with the lining folded over to have the satin on the inside of the stocking.  You want all the goodies to slide out easily, right?


After stitching around the outside of the stocking, I turned them right side out.  I folded the top into a cuff so there were no rough edges, the tacked the lining to the cuff.  Absolutely invisible perfect stitches.  You'll have to take my word for it.   


I braided the handle from the included yarn.  I always stitch the handle on tightly, as you never know how heavy the goodies Santa stuffs in there will be.


Ready for Christmas!


Now I can get back to making some baskets to sell at the next craft fair in Buchanan. 


  1. You can never be too early for the Christmas holiday, Rebecca. The stockings are beautiful and there's nothing better than a personalized one to have re-stuffed year after year.

  2. Those are beautiful stockings. I know they will be appreciated and used for years.