Thursday, April 28, 2016

More in Portland

My niece Natalie and her girls took me to a fun restaurant called Slappy Cakes in Portland.  This restaurant has tables with a griddle in the middle of the table.  You pick the pancake flavor you like and they bring you a squeeze bottle of the batter of choice.  Natalie and I shared a bottle of buttermilk and the girls chose the gluten free version.

Next you choose your toppings, fruit, nuts, and a variety of chips.  Also there is a choice of syrup.  You can choose savory toppings, like sausage, but who would do that when you can get slices of fresh strawberries and chocolate chips?  NO ONE!  That's who!!

WELL, I might do that on the NEXT visit, but not the FIRST visit!


You squeeze out the batter on to the griddle and add whatever toppings you chose.  Flip when done on one side and then after cooking the other side, you enjoy your delicious pancake.  The girls liked making little pancakes in order to maximize the topping to pancake ratio.  And we still had left over chips!

If was fun and delicious.  There is always a line, but you can take a walk and they will text you when your table is ready. 

Someone needs to bring this restaurant to Roanoke. 

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  1. Now this looks like a fun place to have breakfast or brunch as well as keep kids entertained. Looks as though you had a fun getaway to Portland. xo