Friday, March 4, 2016

Last Gasp Of Winter


We got a bit of snow last night.  Not enough to get out the plow  In fact it is already melting.


It was warm enough that the cat wanted to go outside.  And then he didn't.  And then he did.  The whole Door Into Summer that Heinlein wrote about.


It is currently 39° and Rhett has a fur coat so I finally just shut the door behind him and finished my coffee.

I DON'T have a fur coat.


  1. Poor Rhett! Warm enough to want to go outside, but too chilly to stay there!

  2. Our pets get antsy and a wee bit confused about in or out or in our out this time of the year as well. The snow was light and pretty but poof! Let winter be gone. Looks like a warm up is in store for us this coming week and I for one cannot wait! Soooo tired of the cold and damp combination on my old achey bones.