Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cricut Box Cards

I made two more Cricut Box Cards.  Hopefully I am getting better.  They are short on information for putting them together. 


This is all you are given for instructions.  And it is very small.


My first few were not as good and these aren't perfect.


One thing I learned is not to use roller tape.  It doesn't stick as well as good glue. I wanted to use the tape because the glue can smear, but the tape can loosen over time.  I used paper clips and the tweezers from Cricut to hold the items in place until the glue dried.

There is a wee hole in the top of the tissue box.  I cut a corner from an actual CLEAN tissue and glued it in place.  Don't know if I'm supposed to, but it looked cute!


A Get Well wish for Rose.


I didn't realize I needed to string these little flags up until I tried to assemble the card.  I used embroidery floss.


A birthday wish for Tara!


I finally figured out how to fold them flat for mailing.  I enlarged them to fit in a regular invitation envelope that I buy from Staples.  They cost the same as a regular first class envelope.

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