Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rubber Ducky

I have decided baby quilts are the way to go.  Maybe they don't provide instant gratification, but they certainly are faster to make than a full sized quilt.  The baby quilt I am making is coming along nicely.


After a lot of peeling, placing


and ironing, I placed all the squares and tried to arrange them so that they mix of colors and duckies looked randomly placed. 


This was not easy and every one I placed meant two others had to be moved.  I finally got it as close as I could to what I wanted and then started to sew. 



Next I had to put a small inset border. I found a totally cute yellow fabric with tiny black dots and I like that it is sewn in such a way as to be attached on one side only.


After that the last of the aqua border was cut and sewn.


The top is FINISHED.  Now to the sandwich making.  This is what I call getting all the pieces together for the quilting process.


The back of the quilt goes face down on a table.  Smooth it out and tape it in place.


Place the cotton batting on top and smooth that out.


Then the recently finished quilt top is placed and smoothed.


Start at the center and pin the whole "sandwich" every few inches, smoothing and flattening as you go.  Sit down when you can.  This takes awhile and it can hurt even young people with GOOD backs!


Cut most of the excess away, leaving an inch or two around the edges, and start to quilt.


  1. It looks so bright and playful. Any child would love it. Parents, too.

  2. So cute! You know, some of us buy small quilts as artwork to hang or just collect.