Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting Close

I am contemplating only making baby quilts and throws in the future.  They are so much faster to make than bed size quilts!

I am quilting with invisible thread. Iit comes in either polyester or nylon.  It is VERY hard to work with.  It is so thin and lightweight that it jumps off the various hoops that the thread is threaded through on my machine.  This means the tension gets all messed up and there is a lot of stopping and starting, ripping out and replacing.  I am worried that all the little cut off threads will be irritating to a baby's skin.  When I am all done I will go over every inch and cut the thread ends as close to the fabric as I can get.


I quilted some wave-like shapes where there is water.  I quilted around the ducks and wings.  I did some free motion quilting everywhere else and last I used a template to quilt some shapes on the borders.



When I finished all the quilting I cut the edges for a four inch border all around the quilt.


Now I am working on the purchased satin blanket binding.  I am doing a small border on the front of the quilt, in keeping with the size of the project.  The back will have a wider border.  All my babies liked to rub their hands and faces on a satin binding and there will be a nice thick portion to do so.


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