Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Card

My sister is having a birthday this month.  Usually I remember a birthday way in advance, like the first of the month.  And then I mean to send something.  And I forget.

This time I decided to be proactive.  I will make the card and set it aside until closer to the date.  Then I will probably forget to mail it, but I will have MADE it on time!

Cricut sends me emails almost daily with specials and promotions.  At first I bought a few of the cartridges with images I could use for various crafts.  Then I realized it would be cheaper to buy just the images I want and have them sitting up on the cloud for future use.  The bad part about this is keeping track of what I have bought. 

When you buy a cartridge, you get a very small booklet with very small images, so that you can ALMOST see what you have purchased.  Then you go to the Cricut Design Center and see the larger images on your iPad or computer.  With individual images you have to just remember what you bought.  I have a list that I try to keep updated.  I have since learned to save any project I make and then I can go to the saved projects file and use or change the images.  It keeps them all in one place.


Our family used to keep peacocks, so this peacock image appealed to me.  My sister and I frequently give peacock themed gifts to each other.


I cut the peacock (99 cents) and then used a free image to cut a different piece of cardstock to go behind it.   I found a blank card shape on my Creative Cards cartridge and used the free fonts to add text.  At first I used the Cricut font, until they wanted to charge me $5 for the pleasure.  There are scads of free fonts, so I found one I liked and typed that in.  I had to make sure to change the text to write instead of cut and then highlight the whole card with the text in place and attach the writing to the card.  If you skip any of these steps it won't turn out right.


I made a non-standard card, so I needed to make an envelope to fit.  Once again I went to the Creative Cards cartridge set and pulled up an envelope.  I placed it over the image of the card and make it slightly larger so the card would slip in easily.

I used regular copy paper and cut out the envelope, remembering to change the setting to paper, rather than the light cardstock setting I had been using.


I carefully lifted the feather cutouts and glued the peacock to the cutout card.

Now I have to write something in my more than terrible handwriting and remember to mail it!

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  1. Nothing is nicer than homemade and sure your sister will appreciate your creativity, Rebecca.