Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Quilting Part

I hate the quilting part.  It is hard to get all the fabric under the arm of the machine.


You discover all the areas where it doesn't sit flat.  But it is too late to fix it.

But I am too cheap and too wrapped up in doing it myself to hire it done.


So I am quilting.  I am just following the rings for the most part.  Then I am repeating the ring pattern inside the circles. 


I will do stitch in the ditch where possible.  This involves holding the fabric open at the seams with the flat of my hands and stitching in the seams to hide the stitches as much as possible.

I am going to try to do some free motion quilting on the edges of the quilt where there is a bunch of background and not a lot of ring.  I took a class, one,  so this should be interesting.  Not good, but interesting.


  1. I am thinking of getting someone to quilt Nora's quilt as I struggle with the quilting bit also as I don't have a long arm machine. It seems they charge around $2.50 per square foot for quilting here in our area of Canada for simple quilting.

    1. If that includes putting it all together and basting it, that sounds a reasonable price. Those machines are really expensive!

  2. Hi Rebecca! I'm answering your question about Kismet:The Kismet Fiber Works studio is in Buchanan, off Main Street, right by the river. We occasionally get a customer who visits us there, and we're happy to sell retail right from the studio. Most of our orders come from our web site at
    You can also find our yarn at Mosaic in Roanoke!
    And your bed and breakfast website is AMAZING! SO beautiful!

    1. Thanks for the kind remarks. I'll have to stop by someday. Maybe you will have some literature I can use for our B&B visitors.