Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A New Project

It's not like Lee doesn't have anything to work on.  He could work on any of our trucks that need some maintenance.  My car needs some work and a detailing.  But, he sold the 1954 GMC truck he restored and now there is space in the shop. 


That is, there WILL be space when the parts for the tractor, that are currently in Korea, get here. 


It was leaking like crazy and so it sits in the bay with the lift until they get here.


So, of course Lee went on a 10 hour round trip to West Virginia to get this truck.  It is a 1962 Corvair ramp side pickup.


They only made these things for about 4 years.  The engine is in the rear and pretty small, so they don't have a lot of power.  Because the engine is in the rear, the steering is a little squirrelly. And you sit right up in front.  If there is an accident, it is your body that gets hit first, kind of like a VW bus. 

So it is underpowered, hard to drive and dangerous.  Of course we want one!


They have this really cool ramp door on the side of them so that you can wheel in stuff. 


That would be great for deliveries or if you had a gardening business.  You sit right up in front so you can see where you are in relation to your surroundings.  No silly hood to get in your way.


Because they didn't make a lot of these, so the value is coming up.  Not too many people have ever seen one, so it would be a real conversations starter.  Things like, "What the heck is THAT!"

It is pretty small and light, so I assume the gas mileage would be good.  And that is going green and good for the environment, said the people with three trucks, and SUV, a car, a Mule, a tractor that is currently on the injured reserve list, and a 1974 Camaro that may or may not be for sale and needs to be in a few car shows first. None of which are newer than 10 years old.  We should rename ourselves Shenandoah Gateway Farm and antique car lot.

On the bright side, the truck runs, sort of.  And there isn't a lot of rust.  Although, there is some. Lee thinks it will be fun to fix up and I hope he can find the parts he needs, as they didn't make many and most of the ones they did make have rusted away.  Lee knows this, as he has gone to see a bunch of them and has come home disappointed.


I guess I shouldn't be surprised about the many projects he already has, when taking on a new one.  I have one quilt I am working on and two more that I have in the queue.  I have a fabric bowl I want to make and the book I checked out to help me is coming due at the library.  I just bought a Cricut machine and am trying to fix an issue with that that has me tearing my hair out.  But I can't get to it because of the aforementioned quilt.

And our first guests since we opened up for spring, are coming on Saturday.


  1. That is a fun looking truck. I can't wait to find out more about it.

  2. Pretty cool, little truck! Would love to have one on my farm!

  3. After reading all the drawbacks, perhaps it's no wonder that this truck wasn't in production long.

  4. Wish I had known you wanted a Cricut. I won one last year and have never used it and most likely never will and I would have sold it to you for VERY CHEAP!