Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not My Favorite Day

Today started out bad.  Lee came and informed me that RJ had killed something in the driveway.  Great.  We had just taken a baby rabbit to a wildlife rehabilitator after we rescued it from the cats.  We are going to be turned in as harboring dangerous animals.  We can keep the cats in to protect wild life.  But not the dog.  No dog litter boxes.


So after disposing of the latest, and I won't upset you by telling you anything about it, ( I'm hoping it was already dead when RJ found it)  I decided to clean the litter boxes.  We need them if we are to keep the other vicious predators from going outside to kill somebody else.  House arrest for them.


I used a cleaning agent that bragged that it killed 99.9 percent of bacteria.  What about the other .1 percent?  Is that going to pose a serious problem?  Then I realized the cats would be adding another 99 percent back to the litter boxes at any moment.  But doesn't it look clean for the moment?


Of course, while I was laboring over his litter boxes, Rhett was attacking my shoes.  I don't get no respect.


Next I had to bathe RJ, the vicious murderer.  He has developed a skin condition common to German Shepherds and he now has to take an antibiotic ($55) and be bathed frequently with special shampoo ($24).  We won't even mention to vet exam ($55).  Ok, I guess we will.

So, three fun things before 10:00.  I wonder how the rest of the day is going to go.  It has to get better....


  1. Your day hopefully got better after at least noon time, one can only hope, Rebecca. And reading this post is yet another reason(s) why we have decided to remain petless for now and most likely in the future. We both enjoy pets and have had them, just don't miss the care and maintenance too....and won't mention the clean up at times...whoops sorry I just did😮

  2. I hope it got better... a whole lot better!