Friday, June 13, 2014

More Mobius

I recently wrote about a scarf I was trying to knit.


I managed to get the amount knitted before I had to connect the scarf. 


The technique to sew the scarf together where you can't see the seam is called a Kitchener stitch.  It looked a bit complicated and all the directions were based on connecting purl stitches or knit stitches.  This is a ribbed scarf with both purl and knit stitches.  great

Back to Yarn Explosion.  They helped me remove the gray yarn I used to start the scarf, but along the way, two stitches disappeared.  We all spent quite some time trying to find them.  I finally took the piece home and unknitted two rows.  Is unknit a word?  Yes.  It is because I said so.

This isn't as easy as unknitting two rows from the top.  There you just remove the knitting needle and pull the tail of the yarn.  I had to literally unknit and then carefully use a tapestry needle to pull through the yarn.  A very painstaking process.  But it worked and I found the two dropped stitches and re knit the two rows.

Now I am back where I started and I need to go BACK to the yarn shop. But that is an excursion, so I decided to start another yarn project. 


This time it is a knitted lace cowl pattern.  I found a beautiful yarn with lots of colors.  It should match SOME outfit or other!


The pattern seemed like an easy one, but it kept twisting as I cast it on and then when I knit a row or two it wouldn't work.  Undo the knitting. Start over.  I did this about three times before looking up another method of casting on the stitches. 


So I KNIT the stitches on the needle.  I am not sure I like the look of the edge, but it didn't twist, so it is staying!!


I have never knit in the round before.  After you cast on the stitches you start knitting from the top of the row to the bottom of the row to connect them.  Then you just keep knitting until you have enough rows.  I have a marker that lets me know when I have finished a row and I just slip it from the left hand needle to the right hand needle and keep going.


I may finish this second scarf before I get back to the yarn shop for help in finishing the first scarf.  Then I have another scarf I am going to try.  I have two daughter and one daughter-in-law.  And a mom.  Guess what they will be getting for Christmas?  So this won't be a surprise for them.  If you have a preference, girls, let me know!



  1. I think this is beautiful. The process looks so complicated to me.

  2. Very pretty! I don't knit... years ago I learned to crochet but quickly found out that yarn is expensive!

  3. Oh I love your yarn!! Perhaps you will get addicted to knitting in the round...I did.