Monday, June 2, 2014

Mobius scarf

I'm working on a new knitting project.  I'm not sure Lee likes these projects, because I frequently do them at night in bed while watching TV.  They tend to take over the bed.  At least I am not working on an afghan this time.  They REALLY take a lot of room and take forever to finish.  The scarfs should go fairly quickly and not take up tons of room.  I like knitting because I can listen to TV and still accomplish something.  If I'm lucky I only get a FEW cat hairs knitted into the project.


This pattern is called Lava Flow and I found this picture on Pinterest. 


It is done in a Mobius pattern.  You knit it straight and the twist the finished piece once and attach the top to the bottom.  It looks pretty cool and I think it will be nice when I am done.


Because you don't want the area where you connect the scarf to show, you can't cast on in the usual way.  The directions called for a long crochet chain out of left over yarn from another project.  Then you slide the knitting needle through he bumps on the back of the chain and start knitting from there.  When you cast on stitches they are rarely the same tension and size as when you are knitting and this would be noticeable. 


Others recommend just knitting a few rows and then unraveling a row or two to get to a good place to attach the ends.  I decided to go with the original directions.  If I make another one, I might try it another way.


The other fun thing about this pattern in the GIANT cables that I knit in. I have never done 12 stitches in a cable before.  It does add interest to a simple pattern, other than the whole Mobius thing.

I have no idea how I am going to finish this piece.  I figure that is an issue for a later time.   I can always go back Yarn Explosion ( where I bought the yarn and the patterns.  They are always helpful and don't make me feel TOO stupid!

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